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How to contact John Waller

(+44) 0781 135 1170


John Waller - a short biography

  • 1940 - Born in East Kent to an Irish father and English mother. They moved to Cornwall for the war
  • 1952/58 - Educated at the Grammar School in Sandwich Kent. He played in the British Amateur Golf Championship
  • 1959/62 - MA in Mathematics at Caius College Cambridge
  • 1964/66 - Trained as a Computer Systems Engineer with IBM
  • 1969/89 - Set up and managed Insurance Systems and Services. He invented software until 1999
  • 1973/90 - LibDem councillor for Richmond-upon-Thames and three times parliamentary candidate for Twickenham
  • 2004 to date - Has written seven books, two plays, one full length movie and four short films.

See John Waller’s work at freedombooksandplays.com and yiannisbooks.com


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